Beckie Hebson​​
Personal Training and Sports Massage​​​​
Sports Massage

Level 3 Sports Massage Practitioner offering maintenance and pre/post event massages.

Maintenance sports massage therapy increases flexibility and range of motion as well as reducing muscle scar tissue formation, muscle soreness, stiffness and pain.  

Pre-event sports massage therapy warms up the muscles, increasing blood circulation and allowing longer workouts with reduced risk of injury, increased flexibility and greater range of motion.

Post-event sports massage therapy relieves muscle cramps and spasm, helping to remove the build up of lactic acid that occurs with intense exercise.​

Price List

45 mins - £30
60 mins - £40

12 x 60 mins treatments* - £400 (12 massages for the price of 10)
6 x 60 mins treatments* - £200 (6 massages for the price of 5)
3 x 60 mins treatment* - £100 (save £20)
*Treatments must be taken within a set time period of 16, 8 or 4 months respectively

Gift Vouchers Available

Treatments available on site for pre/post event massage - price available on request.

Client Testimonials

"Had the most amazing back neck and shoulder massage off Beckie! Relieved so much pain I was having in my shoulder!"

"Would definitely recommend Beckie for a sports massage.  She worked on my neck, back and shoulders and I can feel a huge difference!  Beckie is persistent so she gets all the knots out and she really helped to relieve a lot of tension in my shoulders. "

"Beckie is a really talented massage therapist, I train six days a week and was in a bit of a state!  She managed to work out the tension and get me ready to get back in the game.  Professional, friendly, would definitely recommend."